Kindle Fire, A Worthy Competitor For Apple’s iPad

After the release of the immensely popular and affordable Amazon Kindle Fire, the question on everybody’s mind seemed to be whether Kindle Fire it’s a better value than Apple’s all time champion the iPad 2 or Barnes and Nobel’s Nook? Yes, it’s cheaper and that’s a very big plus, but does it still do what you want it to do?

Putting aside the price issue which is a non-brainer, the Amazon tablet offer a set of neat features that should not be overlooked when trying to decide what to buy. First off, if you subscribed to Amazon and have a Kindle Fire too, all you need to do to watch a video, is tap the Video option and you’re already in the action. All the videos you purchased are waiting for you in your account and are ready to be watched right away. If you own an iPad however you need to purchase videos first then go to iTunes or the App store. It’s definitely more complicated.

There are numerous sites that completely run of Flash. On the iPad for example there’s no such thing. So if you need to use a website that depends on Flash, there’s no other way to do it, but switch to another device. That is not the case, with the Kindle Fire. Flash is integrated in its interface and you can visit Flash sites like any regular sites.

It also seems that slowly the Kindle Fire is building a reputation for being the “fastest mobile browser”. The browser is dealing with the task of loading large websites in two steps: step one – loading text, small images will be dealt by Kindle Fire directly, while more complex tasks (such as HTML, CSS and Java scripts) will be handled by Amazon EC2 cloud server.

Last but not least, the Kindle is much shorter than the iPad and fits better overall in the hand of the users. Now, you don’t have to worry about wearing a backpack anymore. Dozens of tablets have been released since the iPad debuted, but not a single one did ever made a real difference. But with Kindle Fire out now, everything seems to be changing fast.

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