Kindle Fire HD Coming To 170 New Countries Soon

Until now, Amazon has been rather shy in making its Kindle line-up available globally. Initially, the company focused on a few markets, including the U.S. But now, Amazon is finally ready to make the Kinde Fire HD slates available in another 170 countries. The tablets will become available in these countries by June 13.

Kindle Fire HD

The key problem that Amazon had to face was making its Appstore available in different countries. The company’s Kindle tablets are known for being the core part of the content ecosystem that Amazon offers. So, without the availability of the Appstore itself, making the slates available would’ve been pointless.

So the delay until now had simply been because Amazon was in the process of making its Appstore available to users from around the globe. According to Peter King of Amazon, “That was the stumbling block, the negotiations for opening those stores, but once that’s in place it is very logical to supply the hardware.”

Kindle Fire HD is Amazon’s top-selling tablet, being highly affordable while at the same time, offering a great tablet experience. The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 version of the tablet can be purchased straight from Amazon for a starting price of $284 and packs an 8.9-inch display which has a 1920 x 1200 resolution. The Kindle Fire HD slate, on the other hand, costs a mere $214.

The company announced that the tablet will become available in 170 new countries by June 13. So you can either pre-order it on Amazon or wait for the availability to roll out.

Courtesy: Tech Hive

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