Kindle Fire Sales – How Many Millions?

Amazon has a knack of keeping its sales figures close to its heart and not reveal it. As a result, no one knows exactly how many Kindle Fire units have been sold so far. Analysts are quite keen to know since certainly millions of Kindle Fire units have been sold, making it the top-sold item on Best Buy. The question is, how many millions exactly?

The closest estimates that have been revealed by Amazon officials was through a statement in which the official said that even before the Black Friday weekend, Amazon had sold millions of Kindle Fire units and that it was the top-selling item on Come week and Kindle Fire is also the top-selling item on Best Buy. So what is the golden number that Kindle Fire sales has hit, as of now?

Two million or more?
Carter Nicholas, CEO of eDataSource said that according to his company’s estimates, Amazon has sold a total of some two million units so far. He further segregated the sales, opining that may have sold as much as 850,000 units whereas the rest of the sales happened through other channels, most notably Best Buy.

Best Buy happily claimed a few days ago that Kindle Fire is it’s top-selling item right now, having surpassed iPad sales. We can hope to know exactly how many Amazon tablets have been sold through Best Buy since a Best Buy official said that later this month, Best Buy will reveal it’s sales and that will tell how many Kindle Fire units have been sold thus far.

Considering the overall sales’ graph, the rate of sales has only increased in recent days. It remains to be seen how far Amazon will be able to sustain its sales graph in the coming days. And even more importantly, how far Amazon will be successful in luring the Kindle Fire users to buy items off Amazon since that’s the only profit Amazon will get on it’s tablet.

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