Kindle Fire Sells Like Hot Cake

According to the market estimates put forth by a research firm, Kindle Fire is selling like hot cake!! It is already the best selling device right now and the sales are expected to surge further while the holiday season lasts. However, sales of iPad 2 continue unaffected.

According to estimates put forth by a market research firm, Kindle Fire is hot on sales. Whereas the earlier expectations were that some 4 million units of Kindle Fire will be sold during this quarter, it is now being believed that this figure may well 6 million units. And beyond.

Affect on other tablets:
While Kindle Fire is experincing very strong sales, this inevitably is affecting the business of other tablets. According to some speculations, this has put other tablet producers, such as Dell and Asus, in a difficult position. These hardware-based tablet producers are seriously thinking about exiting the tablet market, say the rumours, leaving it open to better players such as Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble.

iPad 2 remains unaffected:
However, no matter how successful Kindle Fire has been, it still hasn’t posed any significant threat to the sales of iPad 2. iPad 2 sales continue as good as they were. However, Apple will be cutting down on iPad 2 production because it is planning on launching iPad 3 in the first quarter of 2010. iPad 3, with it’s high-resolution 2048-by-1536 pixels display is sure to be a hit with the tablet market. As per the plans, Apple intends to procure some 8 million units of iPad 3 for the first quarter of 2012.

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