Suli SL-7 Android Tablet

Suli International Co.,Ltd introduces their upcoming new Android tablet Suli SL-7 with a capacitive glass screen and 5 finger multi-touch support.Suli SL-7 have a higher performance Rockchip RK2818 which includes ARM9 600mhz and 550mhz new high performance DSP…….

A new affordable Android tablet will soon be launched this time from a new company Suli International Co., Ltd. The official product name for the tablet is Suli SL-7. The tablet will run Android 2.1 OS and feature a 7-inch multi-touch capacitive glass display.Suli International say’s the pricing should be about $249 at a retailers.The Suli SL-7 is powered by the new Rocketchip RK2818 ARM processors which is basically a ARM9 600mhz processor + a 550mhz new high performance DSP. The tablet is very responsive and does just things like multi-tasking and video playback with no problems. The Suli SL-7 runs on 256MB of DDR2 RAM and will ship with 4 or 8GB of built-in flash storage.

Features :

  • 7 inches of capacitive multi-touch glass display
  • 800 x 480 pixel of resolution
  • 256MB DDR2 RAM
  • 3G connectivity
  • 4 or 8GB of internal storage
  • Android 2.1 operating system
  • 720p HD video playback
  • 600MHz Rockchip RK2818 processor
  • Wi-Fi
  • Micro SD card slot
  • USB 2.0 port


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