Lawyer Sues Microsoft, Alleging Misleading Surface Tablet Advertisement

Lawsuits are a good way to keep corporate entities in check. But sometimes, they do border on the ridiculous. So seems to be the case with lawsuit filed by a California lawyer who alleges that Microsoft didn’t properly advertise the available storage space on a Surface tablet.

Surface tablet

Andrew Sokolowski, who is a lawyer in Los Angeles, purchased a 32GB Surface tablet on November 5th. According to him, he started adding his data to the tablet but within no time, there was no more storage space left on it.

He then checked the details of the storage drive and realized that nearly 16GB of it was being used by the operating system and other apps that came out of the box. Sokolowski believes that he had hoped that the tablet would have more available storage space and that Microsoft had indulged in misleading advertisement of the tablet.

Based on this, he has filed a lawsuit against the software giant, seeking to gain class action status and demanding that Microsoft pay back a significant portion of its revenue to affected Surface tablet buyers.

The company, on the other hand, responded by stating, “Customers understand the operating system and pre-installed applications reside on the device’s internal storage thereby reducing the total free space.” As such, this statement is indeed on merit since nearly all tablets available in the market use a significant portion of the storage space for the operating system and apps usage.

Microsoft had also mentioned the available space on its website two days before Sokolowski purchased his tablet. But he says that the information is buried so deep on the website that a user can’t easily find it.

Source: The Economic Times

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