Leaked Images Of HP’s Windows 8 Tablet?

Although HP has been a bit of a failure in the realm of tablets so far, the company has been reiterating its ambitions of working on Windows 8 tablets and launch them soon. Now, a leaked image of a purported HP Windows 8 tablet is doing its round on the web. Whether or not its real is a bit hard to decide.

The leaked which may, or may not be, real goes on to show that the tablet is titled ‘HP Slate 8’, the name being self-explanatory since it comes with Windows 8. Moreover, the tablet will come with multi-touch or a stylus and users will be able to conveniently view the display even when outdoors.

HP’s CEO Meg Whitman did say a while ago that HP is already working on Intel-based tablets which will be tooling Windows 8. According to Whitman, the tablet will most probably debut by the end of this year.

The details about this HP Windows 8 tablet that have been revealed by the leaked image also show that the tablet will have a battery life of 8 to 10 hours and will be merely 9.2mm thin. The weight of the tablet is also a great turn on, weighing merely 0.68 kg.

HP may have faced some tough times on the tablet front but the company seems hopeful and determined that it will be able to break into the market and garner a success with a Windows 8 tablet.

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