NoteStar Digital Sheet Music App For iPad By Yamaha

For all iPad users who are music lovers and would want to play some music on their nifty tablet, here’s good news. Yamaha has introduced the digital sheet music app for iPad. The app brings a very smooth experience of digital sheet music to the tablet, and features a number of backing tracks and vocals. You get a real feel of being a part of a real band while using the app. Moreover, you can tweak the speeds of the track, an option that is highly useful for those aspiring to learn music.

The app is quite interactive and is very hands-on for anyone who’s aspiring to learn music. Learning to play music from sheets couldn’t have been easier.

Within the app, you can download your favorite tracks by your favorite singers. Downloading the tracks will of course cost some sum. Moreover, you can play along with a whole band, which is an option in the app, or you can isolate the keyboard track from the actual track and then use that.

The app also allows automatic page-turning, in sync with the music being played. So you have hands-free page-turning which is really useful. The feature of slowing down a track is particularly useful, especially for amateurs. You can tweak the speed, slow it down and then easily play the track along.

The app is available absolutely free of cost at iTunes App Store. But you may have to pay for downloads you do within the app.

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