Magnetic’s New SnapStylus For iPad

Magnetic SnapStylus for the iPad is up for pre-order now. There are certain applications in the App Store that were simply better with a stylus. Games like Flight Control, Apps like PenUltimate, etc where we do not as good using our finger. Sometimes the keyboard-use necessary in many of the most used apps like Safari and Mail. Checkout more detail bellow.

The Stylus works better than our fingers in some situations when using the iPad, but most of us don’t carry one around due to the fact that we have to remind ourselves to bring it around. Most cases don’t have any compartments to place a stylus, and not all of us want to keep our iPad tablets in cases either.

Nothing extraordinary when it comes to being a stylus, what sets it apart from other styli around is that it’s magnetic. It works with both the iPad and the iPad 2. Do you know what is the best part is? It costs only $5 if you pre-order the Magnetic SnapStylus now. After the first 200 pre-orders have been made, its price will go up to $10. Checkout the Video bellow by kickstarter.

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