Microsoft Building 7-Inch Xbox Surface Tablet To Compete iPad Mini

The mini tablet market has suddenly sprang to life as mainstream tablet vendors are starting to get into it. Initially, Amazon was the undisputed king of this domain. Then came Google with Nexus 7 and Apple with its iPad mini. And now, rumors have it that Microsoft is readying a 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet to compete in this niche tablet space.

Xbox Surface

Interestingly, Microsoft is bringing together two of its brands in this 7-inch device. The tablet is not going to be a full-blown Windows slate and would rather include a customized version of the operating system.

The main focus, as the name suggests, would be to provide the users a true gaming experience on a tablet. The expected hardware will include a custom ARM processor and since it would be a gaming tablet, the RAM is probably going to be high-end.

However, in the light of varied reports emerging from multiple sources, Microsoft is still in the process of testing out different hardware architectures for the slate. The company has recently ramped up the security around its Interactive Entertainment Business division. That affirms the rumors that it is developing the 7-inch slate at its own facilities rather than outsourcing the work to other hardware vendors.

While all hints point to the fact that the Xbox Surface tablet is indeed on its way, we can’t rule out the possibility that Microsoft can also consider the option of a proper 7-inch Windows tablet. Tagged with an affordable price, such a tablet has the potential to attract a lot of users to it. One hopes that the company makes the right decision in this regard, and before it’s too late.

Courtesy: The Verge

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