Samsung Will Introduce Galaxy Note 10.1 On Mobile World Congress

Samsung has been very successful in attracting the interest of the users with Samsung Galaxy Note device. The device is a 5.3-inch display and Samsung touted it as something of a hybrid between a tablet and a smartphone. The result was an excellent product which definitely did pitch in with a lot of customers. With so much success coming Galaxy Note’s way, apparently Samsung has plans of now introducing a 10.1-inch version of Galaxy Note. Of course it will be a ┬átablet and Samsung will most probably pitch it as Galaxy Tab 2.

This has not been officially announced or confirmed by Samsung. But the invitation letters being received by developers from Samsung seem to confirm this. Among other devices that Samsung will unveil at the event, the company has included in the list on the invitation letter, a 10.1-inch Galaxy Note.

Although Samsung will most probably introduce 10.1-inch Galaxy Note as a successor to Galaxy Tab, it will definitely have a larger display and much better specs. The best thing about Galaxy Note, as hailed by the users and fans, has been it’s stunning graphics as well as a very innovative use of the stylus pen. The stylus pen had been called obsolete by most tech companies but with the help of Galaxy Note, Samsung has brought it back with style!

If indeed the rumors are true, we will see a 10.1-inch Galaxy Note soon. And if it’s as good as the original Galaxy Note, we certainly shall see it grab many fans as soon as it hits the shelves.

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