Microsoft Confirms Surface RT, Pro Update With Accessories And More

Microsoft isn’t dead. It has lots of new things coming later this year and after that. The company was showcasing what will be coming in future at its Worldwide partner Conference this week.

Microsoft product roadmap 2013-14

During the conference, Microsoft’s chief operating officer Kevin Turner showed a slide which listed the updates that will be coming this year and next. The slide with the title “FY2014 Biggest Innovation Year Ever!” shows product roadmap of Microsoft for 2013 and 2014. Products showed in the roadmap include Windows 8, Skype, Windows Phone, Microsoft Dynamics, Bing, Xbox, and more. All of the products will be seeing multiple updates during the mentioned period.

Among alll these products in the roadmap, what caught our eyes is the Surface line up. The first update that will be coming to the product line will be of Surface RT. Tis won’t be far from Windows 8.1 release. Then new accessories will be coming, and new accessory colors will follow. The last Surface update would be of Surface Pro.

However, we couldn’t find out what the Surface RT and Surface Pro updates will be bringing to the table.

Source: The Verge

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