Microsoft Launches Bing App for iPad

It was a longtime coming, but today Microsoft released the Bing app for the Apple iPad.  This is Microsoft’s first full feature iPad app, and the second Bing app for iOS platform (Bing for iPhone).  To tell you the truth, I have been waiting for this app for a while now.  The iPhone version of Bing is one of my favorite apps, and after playing around with the iPad version briefly, I feel the this version is of the same caliber.

Microsoft Launches Bing App for iPad

This release shows Microsoft’s willingness to support competing mobile platforms.  That might seem a bit strange, since this release comes only a few days after high ranking Microsoft official, Craig Mundie, went on the record as saying that the iPad is only a “fad”.

Nevertheless the Bing for iPad app brings some neat features that are not available on the web version.  The app includes a a new custom design with an opening page that show you a quick rundown of everything essential like local weather, top news, maps, and movies.  There is also a a new Trends feature, which is exclusive to the iPad version.  It offers the user a overview of all trending topics on Bing.  The next big feature is Bing’s Voice Search powered by TellMe.  If you have used the voice search on the Google iPad app, then you would know how handy of a feature this is.  Add the special swiping gesture, and the fact that the Bing team built this up from scratch for a touch-based tablet experience, and you get yourself a pretty cool app.
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Bing for iPad is pretty straightforward.  It brings their mantra of  “helping people stop searching and start deciding”, into a nice visual fold with a comfortable user experience.  What more could you ask for from Microsoft?  The Bing for iPad app is free and is available now for download on the iTunes App Store.

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