Microsoft Surface Generates Huge Buzz Among Consumers

Microsoft unveiled its Surface tablets quite a while ago, though the formal release was done only recently. Whereas initially the response to these slates was muted, they have been able to generate a lot of buzz over time. Currently, Microsoft stores are swarming with consumers who are eager to check out the tablets.

Microsoft Store

When the first responses as well as reviews for Microsoft’s Surface tablets turned out to be only fine, not even good, many had thought that Surface tablets stood no chance against other mainstream tablets such as iPad.

However, it seems that with the launch of Windows 8 recently, the enthusiasm surrounding Surface slates has suddenly spiked. Consumers are eager to know what Surface tablets look like and how well these work. A number of Microsoft stores witnessed crowds of consumers waiting to get a shot at the tablets.

Experts believe that if the Surface tablets are able to generate that kind of interest among the consumers, it may be able to trigger handsome sales for Microsoft in the long-run. Whereas many had lambasted Surface’s keyboard to be unusable, new reviews deem it as very durable and user-friendly.

Moreover, Microsoft has also lined up a number of new Windows 8 laptops in its stores which has further spiked the interests among the consumers. One of the factors for such heightened interest may be a result of the wide variety of Windows 8 machines now available on these outlets.

Nonetheless, Microsoft has been successful to finally entice the users to its Surface tablets. And there is a possibility that Surface slates may become popular enough over time to compete against iPad.

Courtesy: CNET

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