Microsoft Surface Pro Sold Out Online And In Some Stores Within Hours

When Microsoft unveiled Surface Pro Tablet at the CES 2013, it grabbed huge attention of the visitors and consumers. Later, Microsoft announced on January 22 that it will release Surface Pro Tablet in the U.S. and Canada on February 9. Within hours after release Surface Pro sold out online, and in a few stores.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet features 10.6-inchFull HD display, Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, a pair of 720p webcams (one on the front and another on the back) and more. Microsoft announced that it will sell 64GB internal storage equipped Surface Pro Tablet for $899 (without Touch/Type Cover keyboard) and 128GB internal storage equipped model for $999 (without Touch/Type Cover keyboard). Whichever model people choose, a pressure-sensitive pen will come in the box. The company also announced that the Touch Cover and the Type Cover will cost extra $119 and $129, respectively.

Surface Pro tablets were not without criticism. But that didn’t affect people from buying Surface Pro tablets. Withing few hours, all 128 GB Surface Pro tablets sold out at Microsoft’s U.S. online store, and shortly after 64 GB models also sold out online. BestBuy and Staples stores are also short on supply. Seems like Surface Pro would achieve greater success than its predecessor Surface RT.

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  1. Tsais

    Are you getting this, Microsoft? Users don’t want your shitty locked down Appstore… The Openness of Windows Software is your only ticket to sustained relevance for now.

    What a relief that few People have turned into such stupid sheep, that they would allow you to fence them in with RT.

    My hopes for humanity not falling into a new electronic dark age have just increased.

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