Microsoft Unveils Surface Pro 3, The Tablet To Replace Laptops

Ever since Microsoft came up with its Surface line-up of tablets, the company has tried to combine full functionality of a laptop with the help of detachable keyboards, with the portability of a mobile device. Lately, Microsoft has unveiled Surface Pro 3. The company claims Surface Pro 3 is able to replace laptops.

Surface Pro 3

On this Tuesday, Microsoft held an event at New York City where it lifted the wraps off its Surface Pro 3 tablet. The new tablet comes with upgraded specs, slimmer size, a far better design and a set of accessories which makes it as close to a complete laptop as a tablet can be.

Surface Pro 3 comes with the option of three kinds of processors. One model packs an Intel Core i3 chip, the next model comes with Intel Core i5 chip and the priciest version has an Intel Core i7 chip. The tablet itself features a 12-inch screen on which Microsoft has significantly trimmed down the bezels. The display has a 3:2 aspect ratio and is of HD quality. The tablet weighs only 800 grams, making it far lighter than its predecessors.

Kickstand and the Typecover:
These two accessories have been Microsoft’s key focus since the earliest Surface models. In a market with a whole plethora of quality tablets, Microsoft has tried to differentiate itself by making its tablets somewhat of a hybrid between tablets and laptops. A kickstand which can be used to adjust the angle of the screen, and a typecover to provide portable keyboard functionality, are key aspects of this philosophy.

Surface Pro 3

In Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has tremendously improved both of these accessories. The kickstand now offers multiple adjustment angles, allowing you use the tablet in multiple modes and ways with perfect ease. At the same time, the Typecover has been tweaked so that it is able to seal itself magnetically with the tablet. In this way, you get a more laptop-like feel on Surface Pro 3 while using it with the Typecover.

Stylus and OneNote sync:
One of the most useful features of Surface Pro 3 is its stylus. It is different from the styli we have seen in earlier Surface models. The new stylus packs a silver look and comes with a tiny clickable spot on the top. As soon as you click the top of the stylus, it launches OneNote on Surface Pro 3, even if the tablet is previously off. In other words, if you want to solely pen down notes on the slate, all you need to do is pick the stylus and click the top of it. That will take you straight to OneNote.

Surface Pro 3

Moreover, to sync all these notes to the cloud, you simply have to click the top of the stylus once again. That will instantly back up all your OneNote notes in the cloud and make them available for you across other devices and machines.

Pricing and availability:
The Core i3 model of Surface Pro 3 carries a price tag of $799. The Core i5 model costs $999 while the Core i7 model comes for $1,549. According to Microsoft, it will make available the Core i5 models of the slate in U.S. and Canada starting June 20th. Other versions will be made available during August and by the end of August, the slate will be available in 27 markets globally.

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