MSI WindPad 110W Now Official

The MSI WindPad 110W is official and MSI has confirmed with their announcements all the features coming with the WindPad 110W tablet computer. Features include a dual-core AMD Brazo, a 32GB SSD, and 4GB of DDR3 RAM along with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity; around the outside are two cameras, a plethora of ports including mini HDMI, USB 2.0 and an SD card slot………..


MSI introduces the WindPad 110W, the ultimate tablet computer, featuring Windows 7, the highest-compatibility operating system and AMD‘s powerful new generation Brazos processing platform. This tablet represents the ideal combination of hardware and software, so that businesspeople can do what they do anytime, anywhere without being held back by hardware or incompatibility issues. And when you’re between pressing matters, you can kick back and enjoy some multimedia entertainment on your 10-inch, 1280×800, rich color, multipoint touch-control screen with wide view angle IPS design and SRS wrap around sound to give you the ultimate mobile entertainment experience. MSI has unveiled its WindPad 110W professional tablet characterized by cutting edge innovations in terms of hard/software and stylish design. It packs the AMD Brazos processor platform and the APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) processor offer powerful processing performance and display performance on par with that of discrete graphics cards, giving you smooth, hiccup-free graphics when your tablet is playing HD films or processing large graphics files.


Eric Kuo, associate vice president for global sales, MSI Notebook, points out that the WindPad 110W features Windows 7, so it’s compatible with all the newest Flash-packing programs, so surfing different kinds of dynamic pages isn’t a problem. It also comes preloaded with Windows Office 2010 Starter, so you can perform word processing tasks, receive and send emails, write/give presentations, and work with spreadsheets wherever you are, anytime you like. Communicating with the “world of PCs” is effortless, so having fun on your tablet is no work and working on your tablet is fun. MSI‘s WindPad 110W features AMD’s latest dual core Brazos platform processor. The APU (Accelerated Processing Units) processors come with x86 architecture cores and the AMD Radeon™ HD 6250 Discrete-Class display chip. It supports DirectX 11 for super powerful processing performance and display performance that that gives discrete graphics cards a run for the money. The WindPad 110W boasts a power-sipping, environmentally friendly processor that uses only 5.9 watts and MSI’s own ECO engine power saving technology, giving you more than six hours of battery time—the most of any tablet with Windows architecture. Actual battery time will vary with differences in computer use and settings.


The MSI WindPad 110W boasts a stylish yet unpretentious exterior with artistic brush finish and platinum trim—ideal for the professional. The back is sheathed in MSI‘s own color film print to protect against scratching and wear, while adding a touch of classic style. But the WindPad 110W isn’t just another pretty face. The superior hardware, including up to 4GB DDR3 of memory, 802.11 b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth, G-Sensor, ALS (ambient light sensor), an SSD hard drive that maxes out at 64GB, and a total weight of just 850 grams, makes this the ideal mobile work platform. The WindPad 110W tablet computer comes equipped with a complete array of I/O ports, including an SD card reader, USB port and mini HDMI slot, supporting the largest number of external devices, from printers and projectors to mouses, keyboards and flash drives. And if you’re looking to kick up your multimedia experience a few notches, you can connect your tablet to any size HDTV screen or surround sound stereo. The WindPad 110W tablet has 10-inch, 1280×800, rich color, IPS wide-screen displays. Not only are the screens completely viewable from every angle, they provide high resolution video, making them ideal for such applications as graphics work, surfing the Internet, and checking out photo details. These tablets also come with 1.3M dual cams, one on the front, and one on the back, so whether you’re shooting a video, taking pictures, or using them in concert with the mobile communication software, you can engage in high-quality conference calls with business associates, friends, or family anytime, anywhere.


WindPad 110W comes with new generation SRS PC Sound wrap around sound to expand the overall sound field, so whether you use the internal speakers, external ones, or ear phones, you get an unprecedented, natural, true-to-life surround sound experience when you finally get a well deserved break from your school or office work. WindPad 110W tablet sports a virtual keyboard design, so you don’t have to relearn how to type and when you’re typing on the screen, a micro-vibration function lets you know that the tablet recognizes that you have hit a key. The micro-vibration feedback makes typing more natural and faster as you don’t have to retype characters that weren’t recognized the first time around. WindPad 110W sports MSI’s own Smart Tracker, so you can grip both sides of the tablet and use small finger movements on the hotkeys on the right side of the tablet. Because you can use both hands, your wrists won’t feel discomfort no matter how long you use it. In addition, the user friendly SAS hotkey performs the traditional role of the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” combination to open the Windows Security Window. MSI’s own O-Easy interface offers easier management and use of frequently used functions and software, including turning on/off/adjusting screen brightness, volume, webcam, wireless, mute, and standby mode.


The WindPad 110W tablet computer features MSI‘s own facial recognition software which works in concert with the high definition webcams to protect data biometrically. It employs your unique facial features to remember your passwords, so you don’t have to. MSI EasyViewer photo manager: The WindPad 110W comes with EasyViewer photo management software, so you can use your finger to enlarge, reduce and rotate photos. Sharing photos with friends and family was never easier. WindPad 110W comes pre-loaded with Microsoft’s Office Starter 2010 word processing software, including Office Word 2010 and Office Excel 2010, making your tablet a mobile office. What’s more, in order to meet the needs of mobile workers, the WindPad 110W comes with Adobe Reader, so you can read, print, search, sign, and authenticate PDF files anytime, anywhere. It also comes pre-loaded with Adobe Flash Player to maximize your multimedia experience. Other features included with the tablet PC that aren’t listed in that chart include the following:

  • Smart tracker for smooth operation – small trackpad like device on the side of the 110W above the hardware buttons.
  • TPM embedded security chip and MSI’s EasyFace biometric software to give complete protection for peace of mind.
  • Smart Media Link easily to connect with other devices for performing such actions as sharing information and transferring videos/documents.
  • O-Easy interface for easier management and access to frequently used functions and software.
  • Security Strap Hole that you can attach a strap that you can wrap around your hand to help protect your 110W against drops.

WindPad 110W Spec:

Operating System Win 7 Home Premium/ Professional
Display 10.1″ (1280*800) IPS Wide view,(capacitive multi touch)
Processor AMD Brazos Platform
Chipset AM50 FCH
Memory Type DDR3 1066Mhz 2GB (max support to 4G)
Memory Slot 1
Graphics AMD Brazos APU (HD6250)
Hard Disk Capacity(capacity) Internal Storage: SSD->32GB/ 64GB
External Storage: SD slot, (max: 32GB)
Hard Disk Type mSATA interface
USB 2.0 1
Card Reader SD/ SDHC
HDMI mini HDM1*1
Speaker 2 (1W*2)
Sound SRS
Audio channels 2.1
Wireless LAN/Bluetooth Combo 802.11 b/g/n+BT 3.0 EDR
LAN 10/100
Webcam (Front): 1.3M / (Rear): 1.3M
Battery Option 2 Cell Polymer
Power Adapter 18W
Power Man/agement Eco Engine
Dimension (WxDxH) 271*183*15.5mm
Weight under 850g (w/ 2 cell battery)
Software Office 2010 Starter
Accessory (Optional) docking station, bag, capacitance pen




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