MSN UK iPad Application By Microsoft: Looks Like Pulse App

Microsoft has introduced a new iOS app which enables MSN users from UK to seamlessly surf through the MSN UK websites with ease. The interface of the app is very stylish and metro and displays the content in tiles, enabling quick browsing, easy usability and readability. Released for an iPad, the content looks particularly clear and well-organized on the tablet. Currently, the app has been released only for MSN UK users and there is no official word about users in the other regions.

Analysts are also pointing that the interface that has been chosen by Microsoft for this app is quite similar to the popular iOS app Pulse. Pulse also displays the content in a somewhat similar tile-like fashion, although there are some distinct differences between the two interfaces. The app comes with a built-in support for galleries MSN videos which can streamed seamlessly to AirPlay-compatible devices.

You can read the content both in portrait and landscape modes. A very useful feature is that you can download the content to your tablet for offline reading. Moreover, Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, also comes as part of the app to enable the users to quickly search the content when they want to.

For now, the app is available in the iTunes Store for free.

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