NEC Android Powered Dual-Screen Cloud Communicator LT-W At CES

NEC shows off the hinged Android tablet Cloud Communicator LT-W teased last month. Somebody suggesting it could be a great e-reader, a digital notebook for students, a scrapbook, or whatever devs dream up. This device is powered by Android 2.1 tablet with WiFi, Bluetooth, and optional 3G. The “Cloud” part of the “Cloud Communicator” name means that NEC thinks the LT-W would be great for generic cloud services.

has two 7″ resistive (yikes!) touchscreens with 600×800 pixels of resolution, and is running Android 2.1. We guess NEC went with resistive, so you can use it more as a notebook, Some of NEC’s sample apps make decent use of the dual display setup, but nothing blew us away — and more importantly, everything seemed just a little too jerky for a Cortex-A8 core. If NEC were to remix this with a Tegra 2, two capacitive touchscreens, and Honeycomb, we might be singing a different tune but for now, this seems like little more than a Courier gone wrong.

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