Online Buyers May Receive Late Deliveries Due To Huge Demand Of New iPad

Ever since Apple launched its latest tablet, the new iPad, on March 7th, the prospective iPad buyers have been in a frenzy. Within no time, all the available stock online was booked and Apple’s US Online Store was out of stock for the day-first pre-orders.  Although those who landed the pre-orders may be feeling lucky, the fact is that they are not.  Reports suggest that Apple may take ‘2 – 3 weeks’ to ship out the pre-ordered iPad tablets. 

This delay is, of course, applicable only to the online buyers. You can still get down to a real Apple Store and stand in that oh-so-long line of prospective buyers and patiently wait for your turn as that line inches forward. According to reports, people have started lining up in front of Apple Stores already. This pretty much means that when the tablet is actually available on March 16th, we can safely hope to expect thousands thronging the fronts of Apple Stores around the world.

We think that because of this very high turnout at Apple Stores, the company has delayed the shipping out of online pre-ordered tablets and will rather be focusing on immediately furnishing the tablets for those who make in-store purchases.

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