iPad 3 Will Lead To 1080p iTunes Content And A New AppleTV

iPad 3 is all set to launch in the next month. What we can say with a certain sense of certainty about it is that it will have a display resolution of 2048*1536. This ultra-high resolution display can display 1080p content very easily. The problem, however, is that iTunes content does not exceed 720p and this goes the same for Apple TV. So will Apple make changes to both these platforms to make them compatible with iPad 3? It seems so.

We have already reported today that Apple seems to be working actively on an all new Apple TV device. The supply for the older model of Apple TV devices is already short with retailers and everyone is expecting that a new Apple TV device will hit a shelf soon. There is every possibility that Apple may release an Apple TV device that supports 1080p content, so that it  can go perfectly well with iPad 3 coming next week.

Naturally, with a new Apple TV, Apple will definitely also revamp the iTunes store content if it chooses to make the Apple TV compatible with iPad 3. If this happens, the iTunes content will also be moved from being 720p to 1080p. It has been revealed that Apple has asked different movie studios to submit 1080p content for the iTunes Store.

Clearly, this indicates a significant shift in the entire ecosystem of Apple. We are excited about the other changes that iPad 3 may create in Apple’s ecosystem, changes that we may know of only in the next month.

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