Personal Hotspot With 4G LTE iPad Supported By Verizon, Not By AT&T

The option for 4G connectivity on the new iPad has really piqued the interest of such users who want high-speed connectivity on the go. Not only the new tablet has option for 4G connectivity, it also comes with the ability to act as personal hotspot for up to five Apple devices. However, now it has been revealed that this option is being currently offered only by Verizon and not by AT&T, both of which are the official carriers for the new tablet.

According to Verizon, users who choose Verizon as their carrier for the new iPad will enjoy personal hotspot feature right from the launch. In fact, the tablet launched with Verizon will come with the feature enabled by default.

However, AT&T users may be in for a disappointment because the carrier is not offering the feature. However, the carrier has said that the feature will be enabled soon some time in ‘future.’ According to the carrier’s spokesperson, the company is “working with Apple to enable this feature in the future.”

AT&T does support the personal hotspot feature on the iPhone. The feature was enabled on the smartphone last March. The personal hotspot feature enables a device to share it’s connection with up to five other devices through wi-fi. Now with the 4G LTE connections, the true power of this feature can be utilized by the users who have to often tool multiple devices. According to Apple, the top download speeds that can achieved by users over a 4G network go up to 73Mbps.

Verizon and AT&T are the two official carriers of the new iPad. Sprint was expected to be also on the list but when Apple launched the device, it was revealed that Sprint is not an official carrier.

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