Why Is The New iPad Called ‘The new iPad?’

This question has reared help infinite times since Apple’s launch event yesterday. Everyone has been asking about it and some speculated that maybe Apple folks forgot to mention what exactly is the new iPad called. As it turns out, Apple has revealed that it has termed the new tablet ‘the new iPad’ because it doesn’t want to be predictable. Is it just me or does that really sound like a tad bit lame argument?

The entire web was abuzz with confusion as to why didn’t Apple reveal a name for it’s new tablet. According to the president of a brand firm, “It does seem to be a bit confusing, when you have a product evolution, naming is a way to differentiate.” Analysts have also speculated that the sheer lack of a new, catchy name may jeopardize the sales of ‘the new iPad.’ But then, Apple’s sales haven’t been particularly hurt in the past over the mere name of it’s products.

The shock and surprise was shared by even Silicon Valley folks who see not naming the new iPad as a mistake and not a wise move at all. According to the CEO of a Silicon Valley company, “Lame name of ipad3 “The New iPad”. Where is the zen? Ipad3? Ipads? Ipad retina? Ipadx?”

However, even if Apple refuses to call this new tablet just the ‘new iPad’, analysts are of the opinion that within no time, users will surely assign it the logical name of ‘iPad 3.’ Of course there is only so long before you need to give your tablet a name, apart from calling it the new iPad.

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