Man Uses iPad To Create A Photographic Illusion & Now You Could Do That Too

In a recent Shooting Challenge involving a photographic illusion, Nils Bertrand used an iPad. He was able to create a perfect illusion, thanks to the tablet.

Nils Bertrand photographic illusion

So how did he do it? As it is, Betrand was required to create a photographic illusion which essentially involved holding a photo within a photo, replacing part of the background. Conventionally, this is done by taking photographs at exactly the same spot but with few additions, then printing them and holding them at exactly the same spot, taking more pictures.

Bertrand, however, took a different approach. He simply snapped a photograph of the background with his iPad, then took another photograph of his own face and printed it. Now, he held the iPad with the image of the background in front of his face and held the other photograph of his face at one side. This gave the illusion that his head had been replaced by an iPad.

He revealed how he managed to accomplish the trick in this way: “First I took the close up [of my face] and printed on a glossy paper to make it pop out a little more than a matte paper. After I took the same picture without me in it to get the background image to put on the iPad. I had a colleague/boss (that would make her laugh) on the other side of the camera and we played scaling the image on the screen and moving the iPad around to position it so my head would be totally hidden and that image on the iPad kind of match the back.”

So, do you think you can create similarly perfect photographic illusions using your tablet? If yes, what are you waiting for? Send us your best entries and we’ll published them on our site.

Courtesy: Gizmodo

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