Pixel Qi Create Solar-Powered Tablets

Here’s the perfect way to keep your shiny new tablet all charged up in the outdoors, without having you to skip around for a charging outlet when away from home. Most tablets don’t fare very well when used in bright sunlight, bar the Notion Ink Adam which that makes use of Pixel Qi’s special screen that’s been developed for use in any lighting condition.


Pixel Qi has managed to develop a system that can keep a tablet powered by the sun alone. The concept tablet platform was on display at Computex 2011 using a small $3 solar panel that generates 1W, enough to power on the Pixel Qi display screens well as an ARM-based motherboard, enabling this tablet to stay on so long as the sun shines down on it. It can be used to power a specially designed tablet that consumes 1W or less.

That would mean with a tablet using that hardware and drawing no more power than the 1W the panel makes could run as long as the sunlight holds out. In some parts of Alaska that could be half the year without a recharge.
Checkout the Video bellow:

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