Place Your Pre-Orders For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G On Verizon

Are you looking for the Samsung’s unltra-light and slim Honeycomb tablet for the 4G/LTE network need to be prepared to wait some more! Here we hav a good news for you, Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G is finally available for pre-order from Verizon now. Verizon Wireless intends to help turn the tide But the prob is. But it won’t ship until four to six weeks later.

The Wi-Fi model, the tablet does not include an external SD card reader slot like the iPad so choose the capacity of the device carefully. The 16 GB model with a 2-year contract with Verizon is $529.99 ($629.99 sans contract), or for a hundred dollars more the 32 GB model can be had for $629.99 with contract ($729.99 without).

While Sprint’s 7″ tablet the HTC Evo View 4G (WiMAX) is more reasonably priced at $399.99 for the 32 GB model and is compatible with the HTC Scribe stylus (also works with the HTC Flyer), it does ship with Gingerbread rather than Honeycomb like this Samsung slate. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G or just prefer the Verizon LTE network, Verizon is accepting pre-orders on its website.

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