Polls Say 30 Percent Users Planning To Buy iPad 3

While iPad 3 is still in wraps and Apple is expected to unveil the tablet on March 7th, a fairly large percentage of users is already all set to make the purchase promptly. InMobi surveyed a number of mobile users to see what their plans were for the next tablet from Apple. About 30% of them said that they definitely plan to purchase iPad 3. Out of the surveyed users, 44 percent said that shall they purchase a tablet soon, it would be none other than an iPad.

The good news for folks at Apple is that even an iPad 3 may not slow down the sales of the earlier-generation tablets from Apple. This is manifest in the results of this survey by InMobi. About 65 percent of those surveyed said that they would go for an iPad or iPad 2 if they could get it at a reduced price in the wake of iPad 3 launch. This shows that despite the popular expectations, an iPad 3 launch may simultaneously trigger the sales of iPad 3 tablets.

The survey also tried to sift through the purchase power of the power. According to the result, about half of the users said that they would go for an iPad 3 if it cost them more than $500. But 57 percent also said that if the tablet cost more than $599, they would prefer an older model for less money.

Although Kindle Fire has been making a lot of headlines, the poll results show that the popularity of Galaxy Tab seems to have surged. When asked what alternate tablet they may consider buying, about 27 percent chose Samsung Galaxy Tab while another 14 percent said that they would go for Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

With 57 percent users ruling in it’s favor, a faster processor turned out to be the most important feature for most. Battery life was the second most-important must-have while high-res display and 4G connectivity came in next. This pretty much shows why iPad 3 may stand tall as a winner, in case all it’s rumored specs turn out to be true.

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