Quick Review Of The New iPad After 24 Hours Usage

So the new iPad is here, its sales are strong, it has pretty much stunned the world with its ultra-clear Retina display and Apple is expecting a big fortune out of it. But is it really worth it, with all that talk of the Retina display, 1080p content, A5X processor and quad-core graphics? Let’s give all these features a look in the context of a day with the new iPad and see how justified are the claims by Apple.

We have to admit that nearly all the charm surrounding the new tablet is primarily based on Retina display. But the trade-offs for this display are just too many to ignore. Just because Apple has pushed in a Retina display in this tablet:

  • The battery of the new tablet is much larger, just so it could power up the ultra-high res display. This larger battery then takes a lot longer to charge than iPad 2. Also, the weight of the new iPad is significantly greater than that of iPad 2 and if you are in a habit of using iPad 2, you will feel it within minutes.
  • Retina display essentially means that the tablet’s A5X processor and quad-core graphics are working hard to run the heavy graphics smoothly. Consequently, this seems to load the processor enough so that there is no noticeable improvement in the overall speed of working on the new iPad compared to iPad 2.
  • As a result of this apparently heavy-duty work of the processor, you will notice the heat generated by the A5X chip on the left side of the tablet. This part is certainly annoying since this kind of qualms didn’t surface in iPad 2.

5-megapixel camera:
The 5-mp camera in the new iPad is definitely a treat! Especially for those users who want to combine a decent camera with a tablet, this makes a fine combination. However, the camera comes without flash and the new iPad’s front-facing camera is no good, just like the front-facing camera of iPad 2. Plus, the non-availability of Face Time over LTE is a huge turn off.

Overall, the one thing that will hook up the users to this new tablet is the Retina display. Apart from that, there are barely any significant improvements in the user experience. Plus, with iPad 2 being offered at very enticing price right now, some may perhaps make a better choice and get a near-similar experience minus the ultra-high res graphics for a lot less price.

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