Artist Creates Stunningly Realistic Painting Of Morgan Freeman Using iPad

iPad may be the most popular tablet brand in the world but not many truly utilize the slate. So can’t be said of Kyle Lambert, an artist who has now created a breath-takingly realistic painting of Morgan Freeman on his iPad tablet.

Morgan Freeman painting

Lambert is an oil painter and illustrator based in UK. He regularly dabbles in iPad painting and drawing projects, posting the time-lapses of these projects on YouTube. While nearly all of his works are very impressive, the recent Morgan Freeman painting that he has done has made quite a few headlines.

Rather than relying on the more mainstream Photoshop, Lambert uses an iPad app called Procreate for his tablet-based paintings. The recent time-lapse video posted by him shows a Morgan Freeman painting emerge out of simple colors and refined to absolute perfection over subsequent strokes. In all, it took Lambert more than 200 hours and some 285,000 brush strokes to complete it.

Lambert is apparently a fan of the Procreate app, citing how effective it is when it comes to digital painting, “It captures every brush stroke automatically and you can export it to the camera roll. It has the best canvas size and and video export. It’s the most like Photoshop.” If you are sufficiently smitten by his work, you may want to view the time-lapse video of his Freeman painting, posted below.

Moreover, if you wish to lay your hands on the aforementioned Procreate app, head to this iTunes Store link and get your hands on it rightaway.

Source: Kyle Lambert

Courtesy: Mashable

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