Refurbished iPad 2 Available For $419

Apple has attracted a lot of criticism from many reviewers over its hefty prices. Compared to other tablets in the market, some with even better hardware, Apple’s iPad 2 certainly tops the price-list. We can perhaps attribute the relative low sales of iPad 2, compared to iPhone, due to this. However, Apple has launched refurb iPad 2 for sales and you can get one for $419, lot less than the actual iPad 2 price.

If you have been waiting for the time to be right to purchase an iPad 2, it is about time. The refurbished iPad 2 price-tagged at $419 is perhaps the lowest price you will get on this device. At least until the end of January next year. In case you are worried that a refurbished iPad 2 is no good, don’t be alarmed. It comes with a one-year warranty by Apple, new casing, new batteries and perfectly identical conditions as the actual, real iPad 2. The only difference, perhaps, is that you get a refurbished iPad in a brown cardbox rather than the actual sleek package by Apple.

Do note here that the version which is up for sale under the refurbished devices is iPad 2 16 GB version with Wi-fi. Also, the $419 price tag also includes the shipment charges. You get to choose between the two colour models – black and white.

Of course this is not the best knock-out price for a tablet if you are all about economy. There are better Android tablets on the market with far better rates. But if you want to stick to Apple, this is perhaps just the moment for you to make the purchase.

Image courtesy DaveOnFlickr.

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