Reports Say New iPad Already Comprises Of 6% Of U.S. iPad Market

The new tablet from Apple, the new iPad, has been here for just a week now. And it already accounts for nearly ¬†6.6 percent of total Apple tablets in US., according to a report. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Apple revealed ¬†recently that it sold three million new iPad tablets on the first three days of its launch.

The statistics from this new report can’t be relied too much since it doesn’t directly calculate the total number of new iPad tablets sold. Rather, it gauges the presence of the new iPad on the basis of its web traffic. Chitika Insights compiled a report which made use of device and browser usage patterns. It is based on these results that Chitika reported that the web user activity from the new iPad has steadily increased ever since its launch on March 16.

The web traffic from the new iPad reached 5 percent right after the day of launch and reached a record high on Tuesday with 9.9 percent. However, now it has steadied back to 6.6 percent. These percent stats are indicative of the share of the new iPad’s web activity, compared to overall iPad tablets’ web activity. This essentially means that while the new iPad accounts for 6.6 percent of the user activity among US Apple users, the rest of the iPad models account for 93.4 percent traffic.

On a state-wise segregation, the most number of new Apple tablets are probably in Nevada right now, given the share of new iPad’s web traffic from the region at 7.2 percent. It is closely followed by California, Connecticut and Washington with 6.9 percent, 6.7 percent and 6.6 percent respectively.

Again, this report doesn’t necessarily show the exact sales of the new iPad or the share of the new iPad in the overall iPad market. Also, this report deals with only the US market, although this very probably reflects the adoption rate of the new iPad elsewhere too.

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