Google Offers Nexus 7 Holiday Deal: Free Shipping, $25 Play Store Credit

Gearing up for the holiday season which is just around the corner, Google has unveiled a ‘holiday special’ deal for Nexus 7. Upon purchasing the tablet, you get free shipping as well as a $25 Google Play gift card.

Google Nexus 7 deal

Google hasn’t announced the exact date of expiry for the offer, except a token ‘limited time’ label. This hints that the offer is going to be around for a while now, possibly until the end of the year. While it is certainly very enticing and many prospective Nexus 7 buyers would jump at the deal, it is unfortunately limited to purchase in US and Canada.

There are certain other conditions that go with availing the special deal. Covered in fine print accompanying the deal is: “Good for one $25 Google Play credit (excluding devices and subscriptions). Offer expires on, and must be added to a Google Wallet account by March 31, 2014. Once added, credit must be used on Google Play by March 31, 2015.”

The company has also announced that with every purchase of Chromecast from Best Buy, Amazon or Google Play, you get a $6 credit which you can use to get movie rentals from Google Play. That is a sweet deal only if you’ve been looking for a TV media player this winter.

Source: Google 1/2

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