Rumour:2nd Generation iPad Specs and Release Date

According to Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co., Apple will take an annual refresh path for its tablet, just as it has for the iPhone, which has seen new models introduced in June or July the last three years.While the iPad continues to dominate the tablet market, rumors are getting stronger that the iPad 2 is coming early next year.

According to some reports, there were some suppliers involved with the iPad 2 project that has been already named and apparently Apple is preparing for its launch within the first quarter of 2011. Ibiden, Tripod Technology and TTM Technologies are among the first few suppliers that have been named to be the initial PCB suppliers for the iPad 2 and apparently four more suppliers will be named this February, 2011.

One of the much talked about enhancements that will be featured in this upcoming iPad 2 is the inclusion of a built-in video camera and support for FaceTime. According to a very reliable source, this feature is already in its advance testing stage already. Well, Apple is believed to be including FaceTime within its entire mobile device lineup before opening it up to the rest of the world in order to lessen the market opportunity for its competitors.

It has been quite noticeable that the broad adoption of the FaceTime technology gave way to chat services like Qik. Well, Qik has already announced its plan of integrating FaceTime compatibility into its software very soon or as soon as Apple makes its free application programming interface becomes available. The Qik chat services have come preloaded with some of the most popular devices such as the EVO 4G and Epic 4G and expected to become a part of around 75 million devices by the end of 2011.

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