LePad Tablet Coming To U.S. Next Year

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing recently told the Android tablet is indeed slated for a 2011 US launch.So it’s a good news for Lenovo lovers and U.S. people that LePad is coming to their country from 2011……

Yang Yuanqing, CEO Lenovo informed  The Wall Street Journal that the company plans to launch a tablet computer named LePad next year in US. Next year when LePad arrives, we might already see Apple iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook  and HP Slate 500 soaring in the US markets at least. Yuanqing stated that the company ponders on whether to use Google Chrome OS for LePad.

Next year, all Tablets are going to have a big bar fight and we’ll get to see which one will be the last one standing. Most important feature in a Tablet that a consumer looks is it’s battery life and compatibility with their desktop/laptop based systems.


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