Samsung Galaxy Tablet Coming August 11

Samsung Galaxy Tablet is Android-based Tablet and it’s coming in August 11th.It runs with  a 1.2GHz processor, backed up by 16GB of storage (on the basic model), with wi-fi and 3G…..

Does the world have room for another tablet PC? Considering that there are only a few of these new slates in the market, led of course by Apple’s iPad, we suspect the answer is “yes” for now. But by this time next year, we may all be singing a different tune. Microsoft has already revealed that they are “hardcore” about tablets, and plan to have a variety of options for consumers just as soon as possible.

But Windows 7 still doesn’t seem primed for tablet PC use, though many smaller companies are already using one particular lightweight OS in order to get their slates to market faster: Android.

According to a new Reuters report, Samsung Electronics is planning to launch a tablet PC in Q3 of this year in order to compete with the iPad, but that’s not all. It will also be competing against all of those Windows tablets that Steve Ballmer is talking up. It’s a rather surprising move, but Samsung’s tablet (which we have heard may be called the ‘Galaxy Tab’) will run Google’s Android operating system.

As for the big event that Samsung is going to be holding August 11 it won’t just be the tablet that get’s unveiled. Reports are claiming that Samsung will also be showcasing their new PMP which is said to be based on the same design as the Galaxy design.

he president of Samsung Tim Baxter will be the one speaking at this event. If the tablet is and we believe it will be annouced at this event then it should be ready for stores around October. Some specifications you should expect the Samsung Galaxy tablet to have include a 1GHz processor, 7-inch display, Wi-Fi, GPS and two cameras.

Samsung will doubtless be hoping that it can make the same sort of impact as its namesake Galaxy S smartphone, which has produced some big waves in the high-end handset world of late.Although the company is going to have a great deal of competition, with a lot of manufacturers jumping on the tablet bandwagon, what with analysts’ predictions of tablet sales of 11 to 13 million units this year alone (the majority of which will be the iPad).

Another strange, albeit unique, aspect of Samsung’s forthcoming device is the size. Instead of using a 9.7″ screen as with the iPad, it will use a 7″ display. That’s just 2″ larger than the Dell Streak, but it will fill a niche with people looking for something in between the two slate extremes. No further details are being provided by the company just yet, but if Android 2.2 is loaded on, a 7″ slate priced lower than the competition could be quite attractive. We only have a few months until we find out for sure either way.


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