Samsung May Bring Dual Screen Galaxy Tablet

Recently, the leading Android device maker Samsung has received a patent for a dual screen design for a portable mobile communications terminal. Analysts are considering it to be a possible sign of a dual screen version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. The possible device designs can be seen below.

The patent was filed on 7 April 2011 with Dong-Hun Kim as the inventor. The patent (application # D/389,172) details can be accessed here.

A dual screen design is not new. Sony has already made Tablet P that has foldable dual-screens which is designed for gaming, entertainment, and casual web browsing. But Samsung’s product may have other features too. Samsung’s dual screen designed patent features two 7-inch screens, clamshell style, and a remote controller.

Front View Of Samsungs Dual Screen Galaxy Tablet

This design seems to be fit for business presentation. This feature would definitely attract business users when this final product will be released. Perhaps, business users may use one display for virtual keyboard and the other for a word processing app.

According to the pie-chart above, Samsung has already started losing its place in the Android tablet market since November 2011, hope so making this the anomaly featured Android tablet will throw a challenge to other companies and help Samsung to get back its position.

Source : Forbes

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