Sony S1 Android Honeycomb Tablet Coming This Summer

Sony’s President Sir Howard Stringer has revealed in an interview to Nikkei (the Japanese business newspaper) that Sony will release its first tablet with Honeycomb Android platform this year. He also confirmed that Google’s HoneyComb 3.0 would be the Tablet Operating System on the device. Google has earlier made it very clear that HoneyComb 3.0 would be the operating system for Tablets and not Mobiles.

The company is serious in their entry in the tablet market and even plans to take the second place in the tablet market behind Apple’s iPad by year 2012. In order for this to happen the company has to deliver a truly exceptional device since it will be facing strong competition from several manufacturers who are releasing their Android tablets this year.

Probable Specs of S1:

* NVIDIA Tegra 2
* Dual core processor
* GeForce Graphics Chip
* Multi touch screen 9.4 inches
* 1280 × 800 Resolution
* Native support for the PlayStation platform Suite

It seems a little odd that Sony is talking about delays of the NGP at the same time they’re announcing tablets to ship this year, but I suppose it all comes down to where the hardware is being manufactured.


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