Staples Offers 32GB Surface RT Tablet For $424

The sales of Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet haven’t been great. Although the company spent a significant amount of money in marketing its slates, they seem to be missing their mark so far. And now that Surface Pro has arrived, RT slate has gone further in the background. It is probably because of this that Staples is now offering a significant discount on Surface RT tablets.

Surface RT

If price has been the very reason why you haven’t purchased RT tablet, now would be a good time to go for it. Staples is currently offering the 32 GB version of the tablet for $424, which is a significant discount on the original price tag of $499. All you have to do is use the coupon code 99279 while checking out at Staples.

Moreover, if you try to avail this very deal through the cast-rebate option on TopCashback, you get to have another 5.5% discount. This brings the price tumbling down to $400. In other words, you get to have nearly 25% discount on the actual price, and that is very lucrative.

However, the big question is, are there any further discounts expected on the price of Surface RT slate? The answer, many analysts say, is in the affirmative. With the growing popularity of Surface Pro slate, Microsoft may soon slash down the price of Surface RT to try and sustain a certain sales margin of the tablet. So while the offer from Staples does sound very enticing, you may be able to save another few bucks by waiting a tad bit more.

Source: Staples

Courtesy: CNET

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