Surface Tablet Suffers From Audio Issues, Damaged Touch Cover

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet was launched amid a lot of anticipation about two weeks ago. Users have been eagerly waiting for it and many were quick to get their hands on it. However, the tablets seem to be suffering from a number of issues.

Surface tablet

The Surface tablet seem to be having issues with its audio. This is manifest in the messages posted by the users on Microsoft’s support forums. The problem indeed seems to be widespread. Many users have reported that their tablet randomly goes mute while playing an audio file.

Yet others have stated that the audio starts stuttering right in the middle of playback. Microsoft has said that it is looking into the matter and will respond promptly. One really hopes that the problem is not hardware-related since it can affect the overall sales of Surface tablets.

Another problem that seems to be worrying the users of Touch Cover is that the cover appears damaged or frayed after merely a few days of use. The cover is intended to protect the tablet and if it can’t hold fast for a mere few days, it may not be any good to shield the tablet as well.

Users have posted images showing the frayed edges of the Touch Cover which seems to expose its wiring beneath. For now, Microsoft is actively replacing the faulty Touch Cover pieces with new units and is also facing a lot of returns.

Source: Microsoft Support Forums
Courtesy: The Verge

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