Tablet Gaming Taken To Another Level

Epic has come up with the most anticipated version of Unreal Engine ever. With the amount of processing power available to the new phones, mobile graphics has evolved to a new level. It is a platform which keeps offering better hardware every year.

Tablet Gaming Taken To Another Level
There was a time when developers would target the consoles for developing a technology or a new game. Consoles have a tendency to increase its power every seven or eight years whereas smart phones and tablet PCs are doing that each year and at a higher rate.

The newest iPad claims to have nine times the graphics processing power of its predecessor which was released only a year ago. These new devices are making developers like Epic think in a new direction with their game development.

You would be astonished at what Epic has created for the iPad 2 with Unreal Engine. They said the tablet has more potential than any other device in the market as of now. That seems hard to believe when we take into account the fact that it has only 512 mega bytes of memory.

Well, it appears the potential lies in the proper management of the hardware resources in a device, not what kind of hardware is installed in it. The power of iPad 2 as a tablet is in its consistency which is unlike any other competitor product. The competitors are trying to integrate more power in their devices which is kind of useless unless there is matching software to harness that power.

Hardware drivers has been the least of all interests among the manufacturers which puts their devices behind Apple’s ones. iOS and the whole Apple products are far more consistent in terms of development. This gives a unique edge to the Apple products which is the key to success according to Epic.

But all that being said, there is a new kid on the block that is not being talked about much. It’s the Sony NGP. About this bad boy, only one thing can give anyone an idea of the superb capabilities it possibly has, the fact that it is being developed by a company that produces gaming consoles, phones and portable computers.

Add all that and you can be sure that it will leave the competitors far behind…

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