The First Video Of iPad’s Assembling In Foxconn Factory

A lot of hue and cry has been raised regarding the working conditions of workers at Foxconn facilities. The criticism has come mainly from US since Foxconn is the chief supplier of Apple’s components. In a way, this criticism has worked well in that it has led to better transparency at Foxconn. Now, Rob Schmitz has provided us the first video insight about how an iPad is assembled at a Foxconn factory.

Rob Schmitz is a report from Marketplace. He has been able to go inside a Foxconn factory and get a video of the entire process of the assembly of an Apple iPad. Needless to say, this is the first ever video of the assembly line of an iPad and is quite interesting.

The video details the manufacturing of an iPad as it does down an assembly line. A number of machines are used along the process to streamline the process. The sheer size of the facility, and the work required, can be gauged from the fact that the facility Schmitz visited had some quarter million workers! That is a huge, huge number and pretty much explains where those millions of iPad tablets sold every quarter come from.

However, some of the criticism heaped on Foxconn is quite true. For instance, whereas the work is quite intensive, the workers are paid a mere $14 a day at the start. This is a very low wage by all standards. Nonetheless, some of the facilities provided at Foxconn factories are commendable. The video from Schmitz is posted below:

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