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The Notion Ink Adam Tablet Released

Notion Ink Adam Tablet UI of android tablet is now available with +20 custom Adam apps and EAP 2.Notion Ink Adam is highly appealing Android-based tablet….

Tegra 2 based dual-core Notion Ink Adam tablet has been in the making for as long as I can remember Android tablets even being mentioned, hitting more snags and delays than Duke Nukem and Crunchpad combined.Considering the rumored release prices starting at $399 for the WiFi version and going up only $50 for the 3G version and another $50 for the amazing Pixel Qi + 3G model.

Here Some Pictures :


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  1. Mark

    First – it’s not yet available, though pre-order should open in early December. Second, the images you are showing, with a centrally position camera, are somewhat out of date. The camera was moved in later prototypes to the top corner, to allow more ‘handling space’.

    You realise, with the tweats below an example, that a headline that says ‘Notion Ink tablet released’ is only going to lead to even more disappointment and frustration given the well-documented delays with this tablet, when people find out, it’s not released and won’t be available for at least another six weeks, maybe 8? So be fair to the people at Notion Ink and report accurately on all fronts, i.e. pictures and release schedule!

  2. Jimlambeth

    Come on. Why is this still up? It’s wrong. Own up

  3. Eric

    Please take this down or correct it. Don’t need any more FUD around this than there already is, and misinformation like this feeds the FUD.

  4. mm

    This title is completely inapporpriate and misleading. Take it down. You are only burying your own reputation with this tactics to grab eyeballs.

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