Tim Cook Says iPad Mini Is Not A 7-Inch Tablet

Apple’s Steve Jobs had been ardently opposed to the idea of creating a mini tablet with a 7-inch display. While some are deeming the iPad mini as a departure from this philosophy, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has rebuffed such critics, categorically stating that iPad mini is not a 7-inch tablet.

Tim Cook with iPad mini

The difference may be that of a mere few inches but not so in the eyes of Tim Cook. While most of the mini tablets feature a 7-inch display, iPad mini packs a 7.9-inches display. And that makes all the difference, according to Apple’s chief.

In a recent statement, Tim Cook stated that Apple still believes 7-inch tablets are not very user-friendly products and that Apple will never create a tablet with such a display. The iPad mini, he said, was another story since it has different display measurements and packs a huge number of pixels, making it a truly awesome product.

In his exact words:

“Let me be clear, we would not make one of the 7-inch tablets. We don’t think they are good products, and we would never make one. Not just because it’s 7 inches, but for many reasons. One of the reasons…is size. I’m not sure if you saw our keynote. The difference in just the size between 7.9—almost 8—versus 7 is 35 percent. And when you look at the usable area, it is much greater than that. You know, it is from 50 percent to 67 percent. The iPad mini has the same number of pixels as iPad 2 does. You have access to all 275,000 apps in our App Store. So, iPad mini is a fantastic product. It is not a compromise product like the 7-inch tablets. It is a whole different league.”

Source: Apple

Courtesy: 9to5mac

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