Tim Cook To Visit Turkey Soon, Plans To Seal An Education Deal

Turkey is currently looking to replace the conventional classrooms with tablets and computers. Apple‘s CEO, Tim Cook, is due to visit the country in February, hoping to persuade Turkey into finalizing iPad as its tablet of choice.

Tim Cook

Turkey’s plan of revamping the whole outlook of its educational system is huge, covered under the name of Project ‘FATIH.’ Not only is the Turkish government aiming to replace the regular textbooks but to put technology right at the heart of academics.

The scale of this ambitious plan can be estimated from the fact that Turkey plans to purchase a total of 10.6 million tablets initially. This will be followed by another purchase of 2 to 2.5 million tablets subsequently. In total, the bill for these massive purchases clocks out at $3 to $4 billion.

Naturally, the tablet vendor which is successful in bagging the deal will make huge profits out of it. This is precisely why, Tim Cook‘s decision to discuss the potential deal with the Turkish government isn’t that surprising. Cook and other Apple executives are scheduled to visit the country in February next year and as part of the visit, Cook will meet Turkish President Abdullah Gul.

Interestingly, Apple has expanded its presence in the country in recent months. The company announced an online retail presence for Turkey a few months ago and now, an Apple Retail Store is due to open in Istanbul in 2014. Given the scale of Turkey’s purchases and the increasingly popular consumer electronics among the Turks, the country may turn into a significant tablet market in the coming years.

Courtesy: Electronista

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