Touch ID May Come To iPads Soon, iOS 7.1 Code Hints

Analysts and developers often take a keen look into Apple‘s software code to discern hints for future upgrades and features. One such hint in iOS 7.1 now reveals that Apple may be gearing up to bring Touch ID to iPad slates soon.

Apple Touch ID

It makes perfect sense for Apple to bring the iconic Touch ID sensor to iPad. The company first introduced the fingerprint sensor in iPhone 5S. In the days since the release, Touch ID has proved a very useful feature of the latest flagship iPhone handset, adding an additional layer of security to the devices.

For Apple to bring the same functionality to iPad, however, Apple may have to overhaul the tablet’s design. This would have to be done to incorporate the sensor as seamlessly as it was done on iPhone.

iOS 7.1 code hint

While going through the iOS 7.1 code, Pierre Blazquez spotted a reference to iPad in the resources of Touch ID. Since iOS runs on both iPhone and iPad, Apple would naturally get the ball rolling by first adding adequate software support in iOS before unveiling the counterpart hardware upgrade in the slate.

Going by this hint, our bet is that the forthcoming iPad slates will include at least one such model which will be packing the Touch ID sensor. And once that happens, other such as Samsung and Google may be quick to follow suit in order to stay competitive in the tablet market.

Source: Pierre Blazquez
Courtesy: iClarified

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