Turn Your iPad Into A Windows PC With OnLive Free Desktop App

Do you own an iPad and love it but still want to be able to make PowerPoint presentations on it and create Microsoft Word documents? Here’s the perfect solution: the OnLive Desktop app brings full Windows apps, right to your iPad! The apps are brought to your iPad through the cloud and they include Microsoft Word and other features. According to OnLive, ‘OnLive brings to your iPad a high-performance PC experience, regardless of the content, even when interacting with fast-action media.’

According to the video demo provided by OnLive Desktop, it really  feels like the app brings the exact PC experience to your iPad. You can create, view and edit documents and files on Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint. After creating or editing these files through OnLive Desktop, you can then transfer these files easily to other apps.

The most interesting aspect of this app is that PC experience, with Microsoft Office apps, becomes extra-ordinarily awesome on a touch-screen. Microsoft Office products are already one of the most user-friendly and just imagine what you can do once these products also support multi touch gestures. You can zoom in, zoom out, play presentations, swipe between slides and do so much more, with just a touch of the finger.

The app is currently available on the App Store for  free and can  be downloaded here:

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