Ubuntu Tablet OS Unveiled, Packs Stunning Looks And Excellent Functionality

Canonical had been piquing our interest with a count-down on its Ubuntu website. The wait is finally over and the company has unveiled its Ubuntu tablet OS. The OS meant to run atop tablets packs stunning looks, excellent and fluid functionality and a whole host of very enticing features.

Ubuntu tablet OS

The tablet OS from Canonical is quite impressive in that not many of us were expecting from the company to deliver such functional software. The company has packed excellent features into the OS, including the ability to use all four corners of a tablet’s touchscreen – the top corner drops down settings, the bottom tap brings up app controls, tapping the left corner appears the quick app links and the right corner lets you utilize other apps at the same time.

The tablet OS’ highlight is the ability to use the split-screen feature in a neat and highly effective manner. You can run videos while tweeting about them, make a call on Skype while managing an Excel sheet at the same time and a lot more. Split-screen functionality is not new on tablets – but the way Canonical has handled it is unique and looks very workable.

Split-screen feature

Moreover, the best part about the Ubuntu tablet OS is that it is very light-weight and very well-suited to the developers. That is because Ubuntu is gearing up to the use the very same code across all mobile platforms – in other words, an app for Ubuntu Phone OS will work as well on Ubuntu tablet OS. Moreover, an app on the phone can be easily run on the tablet by docking the handset on the tablet.

So the developers won’t have to port any apps across different platforms – they can simply develop a single app, add functionality to let it work across larger screens and that would do. The tablet OS will be made available at the same time Canonical intends to bring us the smartphone preview – on Feb 21.

The release has much and more to offer and you can get a better idea by watching the official video release by Canonical, posted below:

Source: Ubuntu

Courtesy: Engadget

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