Update With iBooks Fix Coming Soon On Corona Jailbreak

Pod2g, the well-known and famed iOS hacker who brought us iPhone 4 jailbreak and is now actively involved with the A5 jailbreak, has announced in a new post on his blog that the Corona jailbreak will soon be updated so that it will support iBooks. According to him, @xvolks, another iOS hacker, applied some sandbox patches to the Corona GIT and so now, iBooks works properly on it.

Pod2g’s blog post states that @xvolks has been able to resolve more or less all sandbox-related issues. So all those software which were not running on the Corona jailbreak because of sandbox issues, will now work just fine. And that is not confined to just iBooks because many software were not working properly due to sandbox problems.

In other updates on the A5 jailbreak, like we reported earlier, many top hackers from around the world are working together to crack the nut and get an A5 untethered jailbreak. They definitely have made some progress and we can hope that within a month, they will be able to come up with good news on A5 untethered jailbreak.

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