US Air Force Plans On Getting 18,000 iPad For Its Flight Crews

The United States Air Force (USAF) has planned on becoming technologically fashionable, as could be inferred from a notice posted on a government procurement site which mentions USAF will buy around 18,000 tablet devices. These tablet devices will be used as electronic flight bags by pilots. Being a military institution, one does not expect USAF to be equipped with trendy gadgets that civilians use in their day to day life.

But Apple’s iPad has got it all what it takes to be chosen by the USAF. The report has also been confirmed by Bloomberg stating that the Air Mobility Command (AMC) component of the USAF is looking to make such a purchase. The basic function of AMC is to transport troops, supplies, and equipment around the world for the US military. The tablets will be used by pilots and flight crews instead of regular paper manuals. The reason for trying out iPads is to reduce weight of all the paper on board.

Already commercial airlines like American Airlines and United Airlines have been using iPads mostly instead of paper manuals to reduce weight. Come to think of it, this move is also environmentally conscious. If the use becomes smooth in the US military, other forces around the world of different states might follow suit. After all, the world is advancing into using better technologies every day and for every day routines.

Though, the chances of iPad being purchased are higher, but the USAF might also consider opting for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab or Research In Motion’s PlayBook. Since those who have switched to using iPad on board in air, have used Apple’s, instead of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, and others, there might be a high demand for Apple’s tablet than of any other manufacturer.

Surprising the number of iPad that the USAF can look to start work with is just 63, but it could go for a full-fledged purchasing of 18,000 tablets. Strangely, for security purposes, sales of iPad to the government have been less. Use of such high number of a product is surely good for sales for a company, but will it be practical too is something that only its application would ensure.

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