Who is Faster – iPad 2 or Kindle Fire?

A lot has been said about Kindle Fire’s speedy web surfing in the brief time since it has been launched. Naturally, the reviewers have called it a contestant to Apple’s iPad 2, one which can threaten iPad’s fan-base in the coming days. However, a number of tests carried out by Cnet reveal that perhaps, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

There is a reason why Amazon’s Kindle Fire is no longer considered a mere e-reader. And the reason is that the nifty device, with it’s sleek looks, can surf web, run apps, play videos and more or less do most functions that can be performed on an iPad 2. However, a number of tests show that Amazon will still take some time to create a device that can seriously overtake what Apple’s iPad 2 offers.

iPad 2 fastest in web browsing:
When Kindle Fire was released, there was a lot of talk of the ‘Silk Browser’ that this tablet contained. According to Amazon, this browser incorporated a number of intelligent algorithms that made web surfing ultra-fast. However, a test by Cnet reveals quite the contrary. When conducting this test, Apple’s iPad 2 and Kindle Fire were set side by side, 5 feet from the wi-fi router and certian websites were launched at both of them, at exactly the same time. iPad 2 took about 4 seconds to load Businessweek.com whereas Kindle Fire loaded this site in about 14 seconds. Similarly, Kindle Fire loaded scout.com in 9 seconds while iPad 2 loaded it, again, in 4 seconds. These tests were ran over and over again so as to minimize any errors but the results were fairly consistent. And that, quite solidly, establishes that Apple’s iPad 2 beats Kindle Fire when it comes to the speed of web browsing.

Image courtesy paz.ca.

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